Up for sale isn’t just a 1932 ford Pickup, its a piece of history. Something that you could very well see well flipping through a vintage issue of Hop up Magazine or Hot Rod Magazine. Here is your chance to own a survivor 32 ford, that runs and drives, is mostly untouched since its original build, and that isn’t priced in the triple digits. Very cool truck.

So here is the story, it was built in the 50’s from a guy in Minneapolis MN with the last name of Iverson. He owned it at least from the 50’s until just a few years ago. Granted this is speculation, but here is what I think happened.

1 Around 1955/mid 50’s. Mr Iverson fresh out of high School has this 1932 Ford truck, See’s a issue of Hot Rod Magazine and decides to build a Hot Rod. The local wrecking yard has a practically brand new 1955 Pontiac with a 287 V8 that was rolled. Mr Iverson picks that up for a song and even gets them to throw in a 1939 Pontiac Transmission. Gives the pickup a blue metallic paint job and he now has a hot rod just like the ones he has seen in the magazines.

2. Around 1962/early 60’s, Mr Iverson is in his mid 20’s, dating a nice gal, but nothing to tie him down. His pickup is still fun, but far from the fastest thing in town like it used to be. That last race a few years ago with that fuel injected Vette really kicked his butt. Mr Iverson happens to be at the local junkyard, and wouldn’t you know, a wrecked 1961 Buick just came in. Rearended, but it had a 401, its very tempting, the wheels are turning, but you see Mr Iverson was saving for a wedding ring, and he was all set to say “thanks, but no thanks’, when the guy says ” You see that Jag we just got in, has one of those new fangled rearends”. A deal was made and both were bought and installed. Simply because it was easier to buy a adaptor the 1939 transmission stayed put. So now it ran as good as it looked, but now a a new problem arrived. Mr Iverson went to pick up his best gal, and wouldn’t you know it but a spring popped right up through the seat and poked her, boy did she get mad. A little scrambling for funds and a quick trip to the upholstery shop to install some of that new sparkly material, and just like that Mr Iverson now had a trophy winning hot rod again.

3. Mr Iverson got married, bought a house, and had a family. That old truck still got driven but not as much, kinda hard to fit the Mr, Mr’s, and kids in there. Life passed by, kids grew up, went to college, got married and had kids of their own. Its now the 90’s. Finally that old truck gets dusted off, some radials installed and its driven like it used to be. Mr and Mrs Iverson become a regular at all the drive ins. However traffic sure ain’t what it used to be, those 1939 ford brakes just don’t seem to stop all that well, so front discs are installed.

4. Around 2015 , Mr and Mrs Iverson have both passed away, leaving everything to the kids. The kids say ” you want that old pickup ? Not really, but maybe we should keep it ? Holy Crap I just looked on ebay, you know what those are selling for !”. A family friend can’t believe they are selling it and arranges to purchase it. He doesn’t really want it and has no room to store it, but surely those kids will realize how bad they screwed up and want to buy it back. Well the kids don’t want to buy it, the guy is tired of paying for storage, and puts it up for sale.

To simplify it, here is whats there.

Chassis/suspension1. Stock (undropped) axle2. Reverse eye spring.3. Front disc brakes ( pretty easy to put 39-48 ford hydraulics back on)4. Tube shocks5. not stock steering box (unsure of application)6. Not split wishbone7. Tires/wheels are 15″ steel wheels and radials8. Rearend independent rear suspension from a Jaguar ?9. It has split wishbone type arms in the rear.10. Of course the driveshaft has been modified to hook everything up.11. Frame is stock with mods for engine, trans, rearend, etc12. The undercarriage is very nice and is painted dark blue. What isn’t painted blue is chromed.Engine compartment and transmission1. The radiator isn’t aluminum, but I don’t think its a original though.2. Electric fan3. 1960 ish Buick 401 Nailhead. (runs good but nothing crazy)4. 1939 Pontiac ? 3 speed manual transmission.5. hydraulic brakes reservoir mounted on firewall.6. Updated wiring.Interior1. Different column, but I’m not sure what its from. Its not a ididit, it came from another vehicle.2. Dash appears to be 1940 ford which is filled with guages.3. Stock seat covered in sparkly blue seat cover with door panels to match.4. Glass looks good except for the drivers window has a crack.5. Doors, windows, etc all open and close nice.6.The gas tank under the seat is still in use, however there is a box mounted tank as well which isn’t hooked up.Body1. The paint and bodywork very possibly is 50-70 years old. There aren’t any rust bubbles, no bondo cracks, etc. Its a very nice body. The paint isn’t perfect and does have things here and there, but its nice.2. Front fenders are stock, running boards are stock, the rear fenders have been modified. If I had to take a guess the front 10″ were removed and they were pivoted forward to bolt back up to the running boards.3. I’m not sure what the box is, Shortened 32 ford ? 33-34 box ? or ?4. It has a custom wood tail gate ( I imagine before the aftermarket/internet it was quite hard to locate a undented/not beat up stock tail gate)5. There are wood planks in the box, no fancy divider strips, but the wood looks nice.6. Custom tailights built into the box below the tail gate.7. Other then possibly the box and the tailgate this appears to be Henry ford metal (no fiberglass).Honestly I really don’t want to sell it. I’m losing some storage and something has to go. This is a rare opportunity for someone to own a really cool pickup.

Price: $35,500

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Location: Mandan, North Dakota, United States